Karen Nhea Nielsen
Vala T. Foltyn
nika pećarina
Max Brands
Sepp Eckenhaussen
Vienne Chan
Mark Fridvalski

‘ Though its English title might suggest so, the Hub, or Čvorište in Croatian, is certainly not a spaceship, and not just because it lacks the resources, velocity or scale, but because Čvorište is more akin to an idiosyncratic swamp. If it wants to move its weed, it needs a bird to carry its seed out. Thus the works assembled in this pilot issue were sought out through our flock of trust in a wish to reach, entangle and enmesh other friends and family and rubber rabbits, tranimals, (non)mythological creatures filled with desire, witches of soft resistance, artists as terrorists and kin alike. These are not merely fixed, shiny, sexy, plastic-packed identities. No, these are bodily states arousing acts to emerge. Acts longing to become other acts. ‘


—  from the preface, Marko Gutić Mižimakov

release party by DJ papi i daddy,  phone snippets

♡ 2020 Čvorište. Kopiranje je čin ljubavi. Slodobno kopirajte i dijelite dalje.

♡  2020 The Hub. Copying Art is an act of love. Please copy and share.